The Value of Solid Strategy


Marketing & Messaging

The Ntrinsic Marketing Work-out Sessiontm addresses the common need in many of our clients to have a more consistent market message, and to increase sales and market share by more effectively and consistently expressing: “Who are we”, “What do we do”, “Who do we do it for” and “Why our prospects should care”.

Not only does your company benefit internally by being consistent in your expression of these key drivers, but you will have a tool to consistently express these “rules” to the tactical marketing firms that you hire.

Session Description

Starting at a macro level and working on more micro during the day, we work together to identify and define the key business drivers, values and strengths of your company while revealing challenges and opportunities. Using multiple processes, we focus on driving to consensus on these issues. Following the session, we leverage this significant amount of data to then develop marketing language, from the customer’s perspective, that answers the question: “what would I need to hear to want to buy from this company?”

In addition to being a fast and effective vehicle for Ntrinsic to learn what is needed to develop messaging for our clients, it also has the added benefit of validating company direction while creating a forum for the management of a company or division to come to consensus on the areas that determine the perception that is formed in the company’s target market. When working for multiple divisions of larger companies, Ntrinsic can play an instrumental role in unifying the corporate message across multiple companies and divisions.

Who From Your Team

The thought-leadership or vision/direction providers of your company should attend and participate in this session. This typically includes all of the “C” level executives.


This off-site session lasts one full day – usually 8 to 12 hours.

Time to Deliverable

At the completion of the session, a date is selected approximately 14 days later for Ntrinsic to come back and present the draft messaging package which will become the Ntrinsic Marketing Fundamentals Guidebooktm.


Deliverables include the documentation and notes from the session as well as the Ntrinsic Marketing Fundamentals Guidebooktm that includes the authentic and powerful language that developed for you to use to convert prospects to customers.

The Guidebooks include your:

  • Elevator Pitch Ideal
  • Ideal Customer Profile
  • Company or Product Positioning
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Value Propositions
  • Competitive Differentiators
  • Customer Pains
  • Sample Key Messaging
  • Industry Background