The Value of Solid Strategy

Sales Strategies

Ntrinsic nBalance Sales Strategies

In today’s economy, big and small businesses are seeking every opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. But what is the best strategy for your business? And, once you uncover it, how can you ensure that your sales team is following through to maximize the benefits?

A proper sales strategy is more than just an annual, one and done, static plan; only to be reviewed again when objectives are not being met. It must be a continuous process that includes a 360 degree input mechanism to ensure that the eventual strategy will deliver increased revenues while reducing overall costs. And, let’s not forget the customers. They must also be part of the planning process. Without their involvement and input, the odds of success are greatly minimized. Are you prepared to accept that level of risk?


The first step is the 360 Assessment that is performed prior to any workshop. Interviews will be held with your top performers, department heads, key influencers, partners and customers to understand your curent strategy’s strengths and weaknesses.

Once the information is compiled, we will invite the audience of your choice to participate and contribute during a 2 day strategic planning session. We will review the feedback in detail and then begin a brainstorning session to create the nBalance plan. By day two, we are defining the key components of the plan including specific tasks, time-lines, resources etc.

Two weeks later, we will return to review the completed plan, make adjustments, and schedule the rollout, training and quarterly review sessions.

Who From Your Team

The thought-leadership or vision/direction providers of your company should attend and participate in this session. This typically includes all of the “C” level executives, sales and service leadership, and key influencers in those departments. These individuals should only attend if they are going to be responsible for adherence to the plan.


  • Assessment phase is typically 3 days plus 2 days to compile data. The interviews are normally conducted via telephone and should not last more than 45 minutes each.
  • nBalance Workshop: 2 ½ Days onsite or offsite
  • Rollout and training: Train the trainer style
  • Quarterly reviews and updates: Onsite or remote