The Value of Solid Strategy

Call Coaching

291_A_PhotoCall Center Performance Improvement

Following the success of ‘The Art of Successful Telephone Selling’ (TASTS) it was recognised that regular practice was required to improve and maintain the level of telephone calls.

The objective of the Advanced Call Coaching program is to provide a consistent method of call coaching against an agreed set of criteria. The call coaching program provides a safe environment for ISRs to practice using a simulated customer call.  The ISRs benefit by recognising their areas of strengths and weaknesses and therefore which areas they need to work on.

Feedback is also provided to the Sales Managers.  This means that managers will be able recognise what areas of coaching is needed for each of the individuals within their team.  The result is targeted and focused attention where it is needed.  Specifically this means that the Sales Manager will:

  1. Understand how their teams manage their calls
  2. Be able to compare performance with ‘Best practice’
  3. Build a structured ‘Feedback and Support’ culture
  4. Monitor and improve performance over time
  5. Enable their teams to gain job satisfaction, form close customer relationships, deliver better qualified prospects, close more business and increase margins

The call assessment will take place using one of a number of different customer scenarios and uses different industry sectors.  The sales person is given a briefing document before the simulated call so that they are fully aware of the requirements and expected outcome.  The whole session is completed in 1 hour and will be structured as follows:

  1. Introduction and scene setting
  2. Call Assessment
  3. Assessor Marking & Comments
  4. Feedback to Sales Person

Afterwards the feedback and marking is available to the Sales Manager to help them ascertain the needs of the individual and the team as a whole

It is recommended that assessment takes place once per quarter to monitor the levels of improvement.

Five individual assessments are carried out per day.