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Ntrinsic nBalance Sales Skills Assessments

In the world of assessments, a common sales pitch is an offer to test top performers and then create a success profile, benchmark, or template which can then be used to evaluate job candidates. It is a compelling offer. Who would not want more top performers? It sounds easy. Often, the seller will even create the profile for free. Does it sound a little too easy or too good to be true? The trap is that it is just right enough to be dangerously wrong.

Performance depends on a complex array of traits and abilities in the individual. It also depends on the interaction with that individual and the manager, and with the facility with which they interact with the other members of the team. There may be many factors that contribute to success, but experience with thousands of positions has shown that in every case, two or three of those factors are critical for even adequate performance. The problem is that none of the existing profiling methodologies have an effective process for accurately weighting those factors. In fact, the assessment product with the most sophisticated weighting system is still prone to glaring mistakes. An example of this is a candidate for a persuasive sales role whose percentage match to the success profile was 92%. A 70% match is considered acceptable; an 80% match would be a strong hiring indication; and a 90% match would be exceptionally good. The candidate was a perfect match in every factor except that of assertiveness, in which they scored in the bottom 20%, indicating an extremely submissive nature. It was an example of a single fatal flaw.

Our Solution: 

The inherent flaws of success profiling invariably results in hiring nonperformers along with performers. It is the nonperformers that cost money in terms of lost sales, turnover, management time, training time, and customer dissatisfaction. The greatest loss however, is in not realizing the true potential of people. The Ntrinsic nBalance Skills Assessor tool provides you with the information that you need to assess both human and organizational performance. With the nBalance Skills Assessor, you will finally have a clear and complete picture of the strengths and abilities of the tested individuals specific to the prospective role.

This nBalance Skills Assessor will enable you to:

  • evaluate each of your sales reps based on the key needs for your sales department
  • rank each of your sales reps according to your specific criteria
  • compare the skills of each rep with the entire team
  • interview candidates with questions that are based on the results of the assessment
  • coach new recruits effectively by focusing on the focus areas uncovered by the assessment